Salsa workshop



Under the guidance of a professional salsa teacher, the basic steps are learned; this can come in handy during a subsequent party or in the event of a future party. This workshop can take place in the open air, or indoor with less nice weather. In this workshop, you'll find out everything about salsa as a dance and the accompanying music. You will learn the basic steps of a number of some different styles such as Merengue, Bachata, Cuban Salsa, Street Salsa and reagaeton. Sometimes, one dances with a partner, but we regularly change to increase the pleasure and interaction. The activity can be combined with a lunch and/or dinner before or after. 


What kind of clothing do I have to wear? Clothing that may get wet and dirty. And shoes with a sturdy sole are also very important. Make sure you also bring extra clothing for after the activity. 

Accessibility? This activity is not adapted to wheelchair users and / or the blind and visually impaired 

Condition? Everyone can handle this activity perfectly with a basic condition. This is very accessible. 

Alcohol allowed? For everyone's safety, we ask our guests not to drink alcohol before and/or during the activities. 


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