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Prepare for battle...

Upon arrival, the instructor will take you to the briefing arena to go over all the instructions and choose the appropriate weapons. Pay attention, because here it will be decided who your rivals will be for the next 2.5 hours! 

Welcome to our laserbattle-forest!

We travel through the wilderness to our real laserbattle-forest, near the Donkvijver. Here both teams will have a base where all missions will start and tactics can be discussed.  

Different missions with one equal goal: survival 

The instructor gives us a 'plan the campaign': we try to overpower each other's base, protect a VIP, sabotage or infiltrate certain things and so much more,.... Take your weapon at hand and try to survive as long as possible in this forest full of dangers! 

Adrenaline and fun in the wilderness

With this environmentally friendly version of paintball, only painless (and 'clean') infrared rays are fired. Adrenaline and fun guaranteed! 

Reservation is required!

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Age: From 7 years old 

Duration: 2 hours 30 min 


  • Less than 10 people: €350 total price, monitor included
  • 10 people or more: €35 per person, monitor included


Laserbattle Tournament

From €30,00


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T: +32 (0)55/20 70 30


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