Little or no water skiing or wakeboarding experience? Then you'll find the relevant info here to get you started! 

The 2.0 cable track 
The 2.0 cable track is the simplest way to learn how to water ski and wakeboard. Our instructors will start by giving you some instructions by the water and then you will soon be sure to master the basic techniques very quickly. Cable too quick for you at the start? No problem. We will just adapt the speed to allow every one of you to master the skills of wakeboarding. 

We advise all beginners to book a session on the 2.0 cable track before attempting the 5.0 cable track. 

The 2.0 cable is straight and covers a distance of 110 metres. This is also the reason why we start beginners on this cable.
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Barefoot path

From €8,00


Aperitif Shooting


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