Barefoot path



Walking around on different surfaces with your bare feet: Our ancient forefathers did this everyday but nowadays it is a rare sensation. On our barefoot path pebbles, sand, bark mulch, water and mud will give you a natural foot massage. Did you know our feet have approximately 30.000 nerve endings? This massage will stimulate your hart, blood circulation and a lot more!  


What clothing do I have to wear? Sporting attire that can get wet and dirty. 

The barefoot path is not accessible to wheelchairs. If accompanied by a mentor the path is accessible to blind and visually impairedpeople.  

This activity is doable for everybody with a basic shape. This is an entry level activity. 

Alcohol allowed?
For everybody’s safety we ask our guests not to consume any alcohol before or during the activities. 

For the 7 Summits activities you do not need any guidance, just a good sense of adventure! 


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