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Organise your own laser game tournament! You can organise a laser game at various locations in Belgium. We already have locations in Oudenaarde, Lummen, Nieuwport, Fairon, Aalst and Brussels or like to think along with you to organise this in a private location to your preference! Rent with the Outsider a laser game tournament package and organise in total freedom your own tournament!

Tournament package: 

We provide the weapons, a professional marshal and a match schedule according to the number of teams. If desired, we will also bring our own inflatables (8 or 16 pieces) to make from each open space a true battlefield! Thus, we come with the know-how and the material. As an organiser, you must only take care of the participants and the location. Laser game tournament formulas are possible for a half or full day, depending on the number of participants. To make everything run smoothly, there are an even number of teams required, with a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 10 participants per team. The number of teams also determines how long the tournament will take, although the game duration and the type of game can be adapted according to the situation. So, you have been looking for a long time for a new and crazy attraction where you must really function as a team? Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email for more information. 

Laser Battle can be played on a private location, both indoor as well as outdoor! If there are sufficient 'obstacles' (trees, buildings…) you can make of any area a crazy battlefield. The minimum surface is approximately 40x20m. If there are not enough obstacles available, we have 'inflatables'. Inflatable walls that we draw up everywhere to build a thrilling battlefield. Read all about laser games on the laser battle website or contact us via You can also find more info for prices. 


Is Laser Battle safe?

Yes, our weapons fire only harmless infrared rays that are invisible to the naked eye, just as a remote control for TV or stereo. All the weapons we work with are also CE-approved. Here you can find the CE inspection marking. 

Does it hurt when you hit? 
No, there are no material projectiles or repercussions of your material. You know you are hit because the built-in speaker of your weapon makes a realistic 'OUCH' 

How do you know when someone is hit?

A successful shot is recorded by sensors on the head and the gun. When a player hears the 'OUCH' sound, their life points are reduced by 1. The sensors on your head also start to flicker so that the opponent knows that they made a hit. If all life points are used, the player hears an 'AAARGH'. The display on the rifle indicates that the player is dead and the weapon will automatically shut itself off. The sensors on the head also remain red in colour, so that everyone can see clearly that the player no longer plays along. Your own weapon will also call "CASSUALTY" through which 

Do you have, if you are dead, to wait on the side until the game is over?

No, when all your life points are used up you must go as soon as possible to your headquarters. There will be a nurse waiting for you. With a push on the button, she will bring you back to life. You have come to play and not to wait, right? 

Can people cheat?

When your sensors are hit, there is no way to cheat. 

Can our session be cancelled by bad weather?

The material can withstand quasi all-weather conditions that we may encounter in Belgium, whether it is in daytime, night, cold, wet or dry. Only if the weather is so bad that there is a risk to the participants, should we cancel a session. We will, of course, look for an alternative date to be agreed as soon as possible. Wind and/or rain have no influence on the infra-red beam, so you can shoot amazingly far and accurately during poor weather! 


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