The group is divided into sub-teams. Together with your team mates, you step into a bus and as soon as it stops at an unknown destination, you're dependent on staff map and on each other… Each team receives a personalised road book, with its own path. To follow the other teams blindly is not a good idea. Within the specified time, you have to find several beacons with the team, where you will find the answers to the questions from your road book. As additional task, your team must find back some photos along the trail. But that’s not all: one of the photos is not taken on the trail and is an odd one… Carefully looking around and dividing the tasks will definitely be necessary! In addition, you can also solve a murder story with your team during the dropping. We wonder if you’ll be able to unmask the killer. Hopefully, you can find the final destination on time so that you can participate in the winner ceremony! An ideal team activity that is accessible for everyone and where cooperation and team spirit is literally put to the test! The droppings can be organised both during the day as well as in the evening. The activity can be combined with a lunch and/or dinner before or after. 


What kind of clothing do I have to wear? Clothing that may get wet and dirty. And shoes with a sturdy sole are also very important. Make sure you also bring extra clothing for after the activity. 

This activity is not adapted to wheelchair users and / or the blind and visually impaired 

Everyone can handle this activity perfectly with a basic condition. This is very accessible. 

Alcohol allowed?
For everyone's safety, we ask our guests not to drink alcohol before and/or during the activities. 


Percussion workshop

Teambuilding @ The Donk



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