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FAQ - What you should know before you visit

  • What clothes should I wear? Always adjust your clothing to the weather forecast. Sporting clothes that are comfortable are usually fine for any activity. For the swamp course sturdy shoes are mandatory and spare clothing and a towel are always useful. 
  • Where can I store my equipment? There are lockers available in the courtyard of The 7 Summits adventure park. Make sure you bring a €1 coin with you to close the locker. This coin will be returned to you as soon as you open the locker. For large groups we also have extra-large lockers to store a lot of material at once. 
  • Do I need to book in advance or can I do this on site?Always book your activities as much in advance as possible. This is the only way to be sure that you can do the activities you want. We use maximum numbers per activity and per starting moment, so the places can be fully booked. If you still want to do an extra activity at the moment itself or an extra participant has come along, then you can buy extra tickets at the box office according to availability. Payment can only be made by bancontact or credit card. 
  • Where & when do I have to register? For the 7 Summits activities you may sign in at the general reception desk. Here you will receive an admission ticket to start the activities. During the summer holidays, kayaks and pedalos can be rented directly at the pond. 
  • If I book a combination package, do I have to do all the activities immediately after each other? No, you do not! Your first activity will start at the chosen starting time anyway, the other activities you can start when you like. Do keep the closing time in mind. You can always ask our staff for advice. For your information: If you have chosen a package with the Blue Diamond climbing tower, you will always start with this activity.
  • My child is smaller than 1m50, can he/she climb the Blue Diamond climbing tower?To be able to do all three levels of the Blue Diamond climbing tower, you need to be 1m50. To climb only the first floor, you need to be 1m30. These are important minimum lengths because the lifelines are designed for these sizes. If children are smaller than the minimum height, they simply cannot secure themselves with our safety system and the bridges are therefore not accessible. Is your child between 1m30 and 1m50? Then a children's package (swamp, barefoot path and 1st level Blue Diamond) might be interesting! Take a look at the combination packages. 
  • I have a Bongo voucher. How can I make a reservation? To redeem your Bongo voucher, fill in the following form in. Both participants must also create an account on our booking page before we can book your ticket. ATTENTION: Only when you have received a confirmation e-mail, you are sure of your session!
  • I have a physical gift certificate from Outsider Cablepark. How can I redeem it? Because everything happens online now, it is not yet possible to redeem your physical gift card online. Of course, you can still use it. Please send an email to with a clear picture of your gift voucher and we will redeem it for you! You need to have or create an account on our booking page. ATTENTION: Only when you have received a confirmation email, you are sure of your session!

Still have questions? Please contact us via the contact form.


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