Teambuilding @ The Donk



An unforgettable team building, where we start with a team trip around the Donk Pond. Along the way different team tasks await us. The tasks are constructed in such a way that they only succeed if the team has good communication and deliberations. Then we dive into the marsh. By doing so we have to cross a wriggle bridge; via poles we can go through the marsh, but whoever misses a pole… We close the active part of the team building with a combined, playful water race on a self-lashed float. Firstly, we see who can build a water-resistant construction and who then reaches the island first and back? Half day or full day. With a half a day, there is a choice between either a team trip or marsh trail and rafts activity. The activity can be combined with a lunch and/or dinner before or after. 


What kind of clothing should be best to wear? Comfortable clothing and shoes. 

his activity is accesible to everyone

Everyone can handle this activity perfectly with a basic condition. This is very accessible. 

Alcohol allowed?
For everyone's safety, we ask our guests not to drink alcohol before and/or during the activities.  


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