General information Cablepark


What do you need to know?

  • You can choose between: 
    • individual hour tickets: 1 or 2 hours 
    • multi hour cards: 5x2 hours + 1 free, these cards are for one user
    • season tickets
  • Online registration is mandatory and limited to a maximum of 2 hours per day. Always do thisin advance to avoid places becoming unavailable. 
  • are allowed per hour
  • Water skis, kneeboard, life jacket and safety helmet are included in the price. You can optionally rent a wakeboard and/or wetsuit. Do you have your own sports equipment? Then feel free to bring it along!
  • Up to 5 days in advance the booking can be rescheduled free of charge. Cancellation does not entitle you to a refund.
  • No experience is needed, even beginners can take their first steps on the water with us.
  • !!!BRING YOUR E-ID!!!

Opening hours season 2022:

  • On Saturdays & Sundays, the big cable car runs slower between13:00 and 17:00, focusing on initiation & success experience of our participants.
  • During the Easter holidays we are open daily from14:00 to 19:00.
  • If there is no registration 12h in advance (e.g. bad weather), the cableway will be closed.

Prices season 2022:

Prices groups 2022:

  • It is possible to hire the cable car(s) at any time outside private opening hours
  • Do you have a question or are you interested in hiring the cable car for a larger group? Mail to
  • Prices include material and teacher
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