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  • What should I bring during my session? Be sure to bring a comfortable swimming costume, a towel and your identity card (for the control of your ticket). Flip-flops can also come in handy to attach to your life jacket and make the walk from the cable car to the start dock more pleasant :-). Do you have your own equipment such as helmet, life jacket, wetsuit or board? Then you can bring them along too!
  • What is included in my hour ticket? In addition to access to the large cable, the price includes a helmet, life jacket, knee board and skis. If the small cable car is also open during your session, you will automatically have access to it as well.
  • Do I need to hire a wakeboard/wetsuit? During your booking process you will have the chance to rent an easy-up, a wakeboard obstacle or a wetsuit. This is NOT compulsory. We strongly recommend you as a beginner to start with kneeboard and (afterwards) water ski (included in the price). Wakeboarding is the last and most difficult step. Experience with snowboard or skateboarding can help when learning wakeboarding. If you want to try wakeboarding for the first time, choose a wakeboard easy-up. When you have experience with obstacles, you can choose a wakeboard obstacle. We do ask you to book your equipment AT AHEAD as much as possible, this speeds up the process at the ticket office and ensures everyone can get on the water in time!
  • From what age can you try this? The small cable is accessible from the age of 8, the large cable is accessible from the age of 10. We recommend that children always start on the small cableway.  
  • Where & when do I have to sign in? For wakeboarding/water-skiing you can walk straight from the parking lot to the Cablepark itself. There you will find the reception desk where you will receive your admission ticket. You can also collect your equipment at reception. It is best to check in 15 to 30 minutes before your starting time to make sure you can start your session on time.  
  • It is my first time on the cable, what should I do at the start? If it is your first time, it is best to let the operator at the cable car know. He/she will help you with the start and give you the necessary tips and tricks. Also take a good look at the information boards that are placed at the start dock, they will help you to make a smooth start. In the weekend the cable runs a little slower between 14h and 17h, and the small initiation cable is usually open. That way you can practise even more! Do you really want to learn from scratch, with a professional initiator? Then opt for a Start 2 Wake session on Thursday evening at our water ski club AVLAR! 
  • I have a Bongo voucher. How can I make a reservation? To redeem your Bongo voucher, fill in the following form. Both participants must also create an account on our booking page before we can book your ticket. ATTENTION: Only when you have received a confirmation e-mail, you are sure of your session!  
  • I have a physical gift certificate from Outsider Cablepark. How can I redeem it? Because everything happens online now, it is not yet possible to redeem your physical gift card online. Of course, you can still use it. Please send an email to with a clear picture of your gift voucher and we will redeem it for you! You need to have or create an account on our booking page. ATTENTION: Only when you have received a confirmation email, you are sure of your session!


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