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An escaperoom in real 'Oudenaarde' style

Together with your team you will be immersed in the atmosphere of "Flanders' most beautiful", in the middle of the Flemish Ardennes. You and your team step into the flat of Bob, a well-known cyclist who wants to win the Tour of Flanders at all costs. You have long since realised that Bob is not as innocent as he seems, and as a fervent fan of his opponent Tuur, you are going to investigate... 

Will you discover Bob's secret within the hour?

Put your team together and work together to solve the hidden puzzles. Many surprises await you! 

No prior knowledge required

No knowledge of cyclism? Never played an escaperoom before? This is not a problem at all, because this room can be played by anyone.

This game can be played in Dutch and in English.

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Virtual reality or escaperoom?

If you're wondering which one it is, the correct answer is: both! This new kind of game combines things in the virtual world with clues in 'real' space.  

Make the perfect bank robbery

Together with your team you take on the role of the characters of the popular Netflix series 'La Casa De Papel'. There is no need to bingewatch the series in advance, you can get to work perfectly without any prior knowledge. During this game you will commit the ideal bank robbery. One person in the VR world will always be looking for clues to get closer to the money safe. The VR glasses are passed on during the game. 

Set up your team of criminals

Everything revolves around communication and teamwork. With 2 to 6 players, you get one hour to think out the plan and make the most of the money. No maze of different rooms and hidden areas here, but one central table where the game takes place. Young or old, everyone will have fun.

This game can be played in Dutch and in English.  

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Outdoor escape walk: Magic Portal

Together with your team, take a look at the wonderful and fascinating world of goblins, trolls and other mythical figures. In an Augmented Reality on a tablet, you will discover what is expected of you. With a mysterious bag full of tools you will start your quest in and around the playground at the Donkvijver, in search of hidden crystals. This game can be played with or without children, there is fun for everyone. 

There was a time when their world was connected to ours through magical gates. But when various scary monsters brought chaos our world, the gates were closed forever by powerful wizards. Can you retrieve all the crystals and complete all of your tasks?

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Outdoor escape walk: Operation Mindfall

With the help of Augmented Reality, various gadgets and a tablet, you and your team attempt to complete 'Operation Mindfall' to complete. The Outdoor Escape Walk is a 2.5-kilometre walk around the Donkvijver. During this walk there are numerous assignments that you must complete as a team.

You and your team belong to W.I.S.E., an independent international security service. An investigation is launched into a secret US Army's secret research programme with the aim to gain control over the human mind. In order to prevent this, you and your team will have to solve various assignments. Be careful and do not trust anyone! 

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