The Great Gatsby



The roaring 20's, the period in which short skirts came in fashion. A period where the corset disappeared, and the hair was cut short. Men often walked around in a nice custom-made suit. In the higher classes theme parties were often held. Hit me, 21, hold - casino time. At the reception, each guest receives a pre-determined number of gambling dollars and then the action gets underway. Who will win the large price? Or who loses his total stake? This fun evening entertainment can take place at any location. With our casino tables, a banquet room or an office is transformed into a glamourous casino. A nice additional formula is when the casino evening proceeds in the theme of the "Roaring Twenties". Each attendee lends himself to the theme of Charleston, Mafia… and the tone is set immediately. Ideal as a warmup for a vibrant dance party. You can choose with us how many and what kind of tables you need. The concept is fully in agreement with your wishes: ten guests or three hundred? A team building or a chic dinner? For dummies or seasoned players? Everything is possible.


What kind of clothing should be best to wear? Comfortable clothing and shoes. 

his activity is accesible to everyone

Condition? Everyone with a normal, basic condition can do this activity!

Accompaniment? This activity is accompanied by a monitor


Chocolate workshop

Salsa workshop

Teambuilding @ The Donk


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