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As an AVLAR member you will belong to a club that's all about water sports, friendship and a great ambiance with respect for all. Our members are important! You will also help to develop the club and the awareness of the sport in Flanders. 

The cost of your club membership fee depends on your age: 

                                                                              -16 years         +16 years

Club membership                                                25 euro            50 euro

As you might expect there are plenty of benefits in being a member. See the complete list here:


  • Membership card
  • Insurance against personal accidents & civil liability
  • Newsletter
  • Magazine 'Varen'


  • Free equipment & neoprene suit (for use during training)
  • Qualified trainers
  • Set training times per age group (kids up to 12 years old, junior 12 to 16 years old), 16+ & 50+)
  • Participation in competitions
  • Option to participate in Outsider Cable Park trips


  • Welcome at all club activities
  • Discount for “United Brands”
  • Option to "bring a friend" to club activities
  • Opportunity for training and sailing certificate


Percussion workshop


Cracking the Code


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